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Living Social Information

If you have a Living Social voucher with an expiration of May 31, 2012, please don't panic!

The closing of the Women's Museum was a surprise to all concerned, and the lack of a place to see our shows obviously isn't something that should be your problem.  It's ours, and to the many people who used their vouchers in August and November of last year, thanks. 

For the rest of you, your vouchers will be extended indefinitely until we have a permanent venue.  At that time, we'll announce a cutoff date, but don't worry -- you will still have plenty of time to catch great puppetry at that great Living Social deal!

Please watch our home page at www.puppetry.org for information about the shows, when they are available, and how to get tickets. 

We are working every day on making it possible for you to continue to enjoy the best puppetry there is in the Dallas Fort Worth area.  That does mean that we have had to work twice as hard to make up the budget shortfalls that occurred from not having our shows take place as originally scheduled.

We appreciate your patience, and we look forward to seeing you soon.

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