Places to Visit

    Dallas Costume Shoppe -- the Southwest's oldest source for theatrical and masquerade costumes. Pretty neat stuff! If you need a costume in Dallas or in the US, this place can fix you up from Mardi Gras or Las Vegas Showgirls . . . from Easter Bunny to Santa Claus -- they even have reindeers and snowmen! Check them out!
    PuppetFest Midwest -- your best choice for learning how to make your puppetry better. Attend the festival, participate in a 4 day in-depth workshop, and treat yourself to world-class puppet performances. The intimate setting workshops and performances will be lead by some of the top puppeteers working today.
    San Diego Guild of Puppetry - check out Southern California's busiest puppet guild! Shows and more!
    British Puppet and Model Theatre Guild -- beautiful site with lots of information on puppetry in the British Isles. Check out things on the other side of the pond!
    The Puppetry Home Page -- no better place to start, in our opinion. If it's about puppetry and it isn't linked here . . . well, draw your own conclusions!
    UNIMA-USA -- the international puppetry organization and publishers of Puppetry International, a terrific magazine about puppet theatre!
    Puppeteers of America -- the biggest organized set of puppeteers in the country!
    Lone Star Puppet Guild -- your local puppetry connection -- join us for meetings, door prizes, workshops, performances, and more!
    The Center for Puppetry Arts -- It doesn't get any better than this in America!
    Upcoming Regional Festivals -- terrific puppetry coming to your neighborhood
    The Puppetworks -- a great theater in the heart of Brooklyn -- see puppetry in New York that's terrific for the whole family!
    Nick Barone -- take a look at his work and feel inspired! -- a one-stop shopping place for interesting puppetana of many kinds! Tell Larry Engler we said hi!
    The Huber Marionettes -- what marionettes can really be, look at this beautiful site designed by David Alexander!

If you'd like us to add a link, e-mail us and let us know!